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Thomas Wood schreef:

> Further to the discussion on bug 1152 [1], I would like to seek some
> clarification on the use cases for
> The problem hilighted in bug 1152 is that is not
> currently buildable if you are using the autorev feature of bitbake.

Right, that means you are mixing something that is described with
'frozen' with something that is described with 'bleeding edge'. I don't
see how anyone expects that to work.

> This is necessary for OpenMoko developers to make sure the OpenMoko
> components are built from the very latest revisions in SVN. Currently,
> OpenMoko SVN depends on features not available in

If really wants to be what it claims ('frozen', 'stable',
'always buildable' etc) it shouldn't be using autorev.

> Secondly, I will soon have a new problem. I am currently working on
> integrating PackageKit into an OpenMoko build. This will require updates
> in OpenMoko package versions as it will require dbus >= 1.1.1. I have
> already got dbus 1.1.1 added to OpenEmbedded but I am unsure what the
> expected procedure is with regards to Should I
> integrate PackageKit into OpenEmbedded first or into
> first?

You mean creating an ipkg backend for PackageKit?



> Finally, I think the big questions is whether is
> specifically for third party developers, or should core OpenMoko
> developers be using it as well.
> Regards,
> Thomas
> [1]

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