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Thomas Wood thomas at
Thu Jan 3 18:06:50 CET 2008

On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 17:32 +0100, Koen Kooi wrote:
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> Thomas Wood schreef:
> > Further to the discussion on bug 1152 [1], I would like to seek some
> > clarification on the use cases for
> > 
> > The problem hilighted in bug 1152 is that is not
> > currently buildable if you are using the autorev feature of bitbake.
> Right, that means you are mixing something that is described with
> 'frozen' with something that is described with 'bleeding edge'. I don't
> see how anyone expects that to work.

If 'frozen' is what is, then yes, it definitely
sounds like I shouldn't be using it.

> > This is necessary for OpenMoko developers to make sure the OpenMoko
> > components are built from the very latest revisions in SVN. Currently,
> > OpenMoko SVN depends on features not available in
> If really wants to be what it claims ('frozen', 'stable',
> 'always buildable' etc) it shouldn't be using autorev.

Right - I enabled autorev in and it broke. Again, this seems
to confirm that I should be using OpenEmbedded and not

> > Secondly, I will soon have a new problem. I am currently working on
> > integrating PackageKit into an OpenMoko build. This will require updates
> > in OpenMoko package versions as it will require dbus >= 1.1.1. I have
> > already got dbus 1.1.1 added to OpenEmbedded but I am unsure what the
> > expected procedure is with regards to Should I
> > integrate PackageKit into OpenEmbedded first or into
> > first?
> You mean creating an ipkg backend for PackageKit?

I've already started writing the ipkg backend and I now want to test it
out on a device. From your comments above, it  seems pretty clear I
definitely want to integrate it into OpenEmbeded first and allow
OpenMoko to catch up later.



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