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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> What should we do, change the name back or update the script?
> The script has to be updated. I hope we can soon switch completely
> over to .24 (also for GTA02). In the meantime, we will add a
> conditional in OE to handle that.

There is conditional stuff in the scripts already, it just does the
wrong thing.

>> In addition, there are some sleep()s in the /etc/init.d/gsmd script that
>> are really a bit of an unreliable blunt instrument.  The sleeps add 5
>> whole seconds to the boot time.
> This roots in the general flakeyness of the communication with the gsm
> modem. Unfortunately no one had time or motivation to seriously look
> into the whole issue of the modem becoming unresponsive at times.
> There's a whole load of bugs related to that in the bugtracker. It
> remains to be seen whether this is a gsmd bug, a kernel bug, or (god
> forbid) even a yet-to-be-discovered hardware bug. Someone really need
> to treat that with measuring equipment and/or jtag.

Oh crap not another monster.

Is there a good way to make the thing "unresponsive" then?

What's the story on how people are using gsmd on GTA-02 with this power
initscript bug -- it defaults to being on or really nobody uses GTA-02
with GSM yet?

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