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Michael 'Mickey' Lauer schreef:

| c) keep sysvinit and just shuffle around runlevels and services. This
| will have the least speed impact, but could be sufficient to improve
| the user experience. We could, e.g. invent a new runlevel that only
| starts the necessary services to get X starting up and then go to init
| 5, starting other services in the background while the user can
| operate the device.

The X-server (<= needs basically 2 things:

* networking
* tty*, fb* entries in /dev

So you could move starting the X-server way forward in the boot order.
Note that userland needs dbus (and kdrive 1.4), so putting
xserver-kdrive-nodm-init right after dbus should work.

Andy Green schreef:

| The issue here is that the current rcS.d first the rc5.d blocks the
| sexy things that live in rc5 (X) until expensive stuff like udev (18s)
| completes from rcS.

Check your kernel defconfig, it probably has a gazillion virtual
consoles, decrease those to like 8 and udev starts up almost
instantaniously. Related to that, more recent udevs use a different
method to create devnodes which is said to be faster.



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