Lost patches merged / 2.6.24 update

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Jan 22 08:38:08 CET 2008

Mike Westerhof wrote:
> Generally, what should the process be to get a patch handled?

I think the general approach that works for our benevolent dictator
should work nicely here as well, i.e., post patches to the list,
and if they don't get the attention you desire, send a reminder from
time to time.

Attachments are fine. URLs are tolerable, as long as they point to
something that produces plain text when the link is fed to "wget".

> Add it to bugzilla?  Discuss it on bugzilla?  (please say no)

Bugzilla has one benefit, and that's that it keeps everything
related to the issue together and accessible with a single URL.
The big drawback is that it quickly turns into the proverbial
haystack, and it's quite easy to miss even new bugs ...

> (Does a bugzilla-centric approach really work??)

I'm sure there's some parallel universe where it does :-)

> Now specifically: does anyone here *really* think that we're going to
> get a resolution to #788 (the flow control problem) on bugzilla?? :-)

It seems to drag on perilously ...

> Perhaps we should have a discussion with intent to make a decision
> on the openmoko-kernel list, and kill that bug once and for all.

Yeah, let me post an updated summary, and then let's heave at it.

- Werner

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