gsmd power management device

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Fri Jan 18 14:47:20 CET 2008

"Andy Green" <andy at> writes:
> In addition, there are some sleep()s in the /etc/init.d/gsmd script that
> are really a bit of an unreliable blunt instrument.  The sleeps add 5
> whole seconds to the boot time.

Yes, my testing (rather quite some time ago) showed that in all test cases 
the sleeps in that script were completely unnecessary.

[Since there's been discussion on startup time recently, I should note that 
there's another 1 second delay built into the startup of the actual gsmd 
code itself that is not necessary, provided the powerup and initialization 
of the serial port on the GTA01 is done in the correct order, and a bit 
earlier in startup.  Every second counts...]

> - -Andy

Mike (mwester) 

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