Two Branches of ASU

Julian julian_chu at
Mon Jun 2 19:09:15 CEST 2008

Hi Friends,

We already have two branches for ASU for few days.
These days they look work fine, so I write this mail to talk about them.

For ASU, we have two branches.
1) asu-stable -- used to release
2) asu-dev  -- used to develop

There are still many features should be finish, that's why we need asu-dev.

The asu-dev will keep moving forward everyday.
The asu-stable will pick up some feature from asu-dev per week to make sure
asu-stable is close enough with asu-dev.

For developers, don't care about asu-stable until we finish most features.
For testing team, don't care about asu-dev.

How many features we should finish?
Take a look of this page



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