MokoMakefile Build Issues

Kevin Dean kevin at
Mon Jun 23 13:59:43 CEST 2008

I sent an e-mail to the community list 5 days ago and got no response.

I'm trying to build an image for the Freerunner using MokoMakefile and
the ASU "stable" branch but continue to get errors while compiling

Today's errors are essentially the same, but I've included much more
output at

Any help creating stable ASU images would be greatly appreciated since
it seems the images on are out of date.

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 3:23 PM, Kevin Dean <kevin at> wrote:
> I'm attempting to build an ASU image from the asu.stable branch on a
> Debian Etch system (AMD64 arch) using MokoMakefile. I've edited the
> makefile to echo gta02 to local.conf instead of 01 and changed
> GIT_BRANCH to asu.stable.
> I've also followed the wiki instructions for building an image but
> there is the first error for me. Running make update gives me the
> following error:
> kevin at node2:~/moko$ make update
> ( cd bitbake && \
>          ( git branch | egrep -e ' bitbake-om$' > /dev/null || \
>            git checkout -b bitbake-om --track origin/bitbake-om ))
> ( cd bitbake && \
>          git checkout bitbake-om && \
>          git fetch && \
>          git rebase origin/bitbake-om )
> fatal: Needed a single revision
> invalid upstream origin/bitbake-om
> make: *** [update-bitbake] Error 1
> When building openmoko-qtopia-x11-image it seems to work properly up
> until it attempts to build qtopia-phone-x11 which throws the errors
> found at
> I've followed the wiki instructions, including cleaning the failed
> package and trying thrice before complaining. :)
> I'd really like to build my own images, since it appears the images on
> the official buildhost are constantly out of date. Any help in
> resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated!
> -Kevin Dean

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