How to compile a application for Openmoko

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Thu May 8 07:04:16 CEST 2008

Dominik Krenner 提到:
> Hello, Openmoko world!
> After reading some hours and pages in the openmoko wiki, i realized that
> that i still don't know how to build a application which will run on
> openmoko. I managed to get Qemu with openmok running on Ubuntu 8.04 via
> MokoMakefile and created  a small hello world application using the
> toolchain, but i don't get a readyto-build application like cURL, libidn
> etc. to compile for the openmoko platform.
> I tried the following, but still its built for my notebook system and
> not for openmoko.
> . /usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env
> ./configure --host=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi
> --prefix=/usr/local/openmoko/arm
> make
> sudo make install
> The problem seems to be that i don't tell make to use the openmoko
> makefile correctly?
> In addtion here are some other questions:
> What exactly does ". /usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env" do? Why not use
> "/usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env"? (Without the leading dot)
> How can i tell make or config what tools to use?
> In which step to i tell a project using which platform i will
> compile for?
> With best regards, Dominik
Hi Dmoinik,

For the last question, if you didn't have the leading dot, you will
enter a subshell
and execute it then leave. Every variables be set in setup-env will be
clean when
you leave subshell.

If you don't have leading dot, you will execute the script in the
current shell.
Every variables you export will be kept.

You can do a small test :-)

If you are a application developer, use the image meta-toolchain from
openmoko website.

Two known issue
1. Too many files in image directory. -- we will simplify it.
2. Meta-toolchain is too old to use. I am working on this and build new
meta-toolchain successful.
   I will release it after I solve the last problem.



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