Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (10)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Thu May 8 02:23:05 CEST 2008


another week of updates. Mostly integration work, testing and chasing some 
races inside the Qtopia code.

Distro work:
	- org.openmoko.dev has my changes now (again)
	- I have been poking graeme's qtopia OpenEmbedded branch and created a list 
of files I miss from my image and files I would like to see removed. Work is 
ongoing but I think we have it resolved by next week and at least have 
separate packages for Qtopia.
	- Started testing the images from the build host. I can place calls, receive 
them and listen to the audio...

Qtopia work:
	- Tracked down raster's build issues. Was a bug on my side, I used dbus in 
src/server and it worked for me as my libqtopiacomm linked to dbus already, 
for him (configuring without bluetooth) it didn't link to it. I have to say I 
depend on dbus...
	- I have been chasing my races, it is not clear what is wrong *sigh*
	- Some more studying of the Qtopia code and where we could run into problems.

random things:
	- I have been scratching my head on how we can help to finish the Software 
Update. There are clearly things missing in illume feature wise (we are 
getting there though) but we also have to make sure that the stuff we want is 
working or gets working.... maybe I should declare myself release dude...?


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