[gta02] Request to create more test plans for the april software update

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Fri May 9 19:25:45 CEST 2008

Hey Allen,

I would like to make some claims on your time and tasks. For the april 
software some people need to work together and we need to know when we are 
done and can release something.

So what we already have is: The product management "team" has a list of things 
that the product is supposed to do. This information is inside the internal 

What I would like to see happening is the following:
	- Go with Will through the specs and "complete" them
	- Create the test plan for the whole product based on the specs. Your current 
tests are fine, they don't have to be too detailed, but they have to be 
complete (from tasks, to booting, indicators for charging..).
	- Tell us that you have done so, or why you were not able to complete this 
	- And then consider how bug reports, etc, will influence our test plan. E.g. 
do we add manual "regression" tests?

	- This helps us to track progress.
	- This helps us to stay focused.
	- This helps us to decide if we can give  a image to the factory (if we want 
that) or put on the website for updates.
	- For the next product we should have high level tests more early.

if you have any questions, I sound stupid, am completely off please tell me so


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