[gta02] Introduction of the release dude role

Julian julian_chu at openmoko.com
Mon May 12 00:28:30 CEST 2008

Wolfgang Spraul 提到:
> Holger,
> very good!
> To everybody: If you do not want to exclude most Taiwanese from reading
> your mails, you have to restrict your mails to 5 lines (I know this very
> email is longer).
> Who's involved in the software update:
> Product Manager: Will
> System Software (bootloader, kernel)
>   Anthony
>   Matt
>   Werner
>   Andy
> Splinter
>   OLV
>   Jeremy
>   Daniel (not for this update, works on Diversity only)
> Installer/Launcher
>   Tick (Installer)
>   raster (Launcher)
>   Thomas (opkg, will finish at end of May)
> Distribution/Build/Integration
>   Julian
>   Graeme
>   Holger (Qtopia)
> Preferences
>   Willie
> Testing
>   Allen
>   Regina
> The communication is very bad in all teams. I don't think anybody
> maintains any sort of public 'open issues' list.
> Some people have their private lists.
> Your weekly status reports are the best thing wrt communication we have
> company-wide.
> I will try to start sending weekly or bi-weekly mails about who is
> working on what.
> Wolfgang

Zecke, Wolfgang,


For integration, I will keep bother everybody.
Hopes you will not give me a punch  :P

I write a Todo list and put it on my own machine.[1]
I use svn to update it quickly.

If you are not patient of reading it, you could see the bottom of the list.
That's what I am doing, or going to do.

Everytime I get a new request , I will add it into the list.

Best Regards
- Julian

[1]: http://walkingice.twbbs.org/svn/openmoko/ToDo

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