exquisite pkg mods so it can be a bootsplash replacement

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) raster at openmoko.org
Mon May 12 09:50:03 CEST 2008


1 tarball with new exquisite .bb file and extra data files for installation so
it can be a splashscreen
2. a new rc file to replace sysvinit/sysvinit/angstrom/rc to use it (sysvinit
package). note i have some FIXME's as the system is wedded to psplash and needs
to be virtualised (i did this in-place i guess as its simpler and there is
discussion to be had as to how to virtualise it off so any splash manager can
plug in)

as such these should allow exquisite to also be a bootsplash engine.

as such it provides some advantages and disadvantages over psplash:

1. requires a lot more in libs, but as this is a flash device - all libs are
available from the start as / is mounted and ready to go.
2. larger as n executable and memory footprint
3. requires external datafiles for look and feel
4. missing option for rotation (a trivial addition to the code of a few lines)

1. both usplash and psplash drop-n replacement. understands all the same
2. better unix socket ipc comms, not a fifo
3. works in 15,16 and 24/32bpp with no recompiling
4. external data files (theme files) configure look. .edj files. system
agnostic and thus can scale to any resolution/aspect ratio they are designed to
5. full text status display ability with anti-aliased fonts etc. etc. provided
by theme
6. runs in fb, x11 and other targets so if u use X for boot splash - this works.
7. can be run and tested on your desktop in a window to play with themes and
8. themes can look really sexy :)

either way - i think exquisite can get us the boot splash goals we want
visually with great ease. psplash won't (with ease that is).

more importantly is the need to abstract splash engine away from core rc
scripts. comments welcome.

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <raster at openmoko.org>
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