[RFC] What is buildhost

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at haerwu.biz
Tue May 13 09:21:13 CEST 2008

Dnia Monday, 12 of May 2008, Graeme Gregory napisał:

> But our admin team have pointed out that we are filling the disk on
> buildhost very fast. 

storage is cheap now

> So my opinions.
> 1) Buildhost is for building our official feeds and images.
> 2) Buildhost is not a debugging environment.
> 3) Due to 2) rm_work can be used.

Storage is cheap and sooner or later you will get situation when something 
builds on all your machines but somehow fail on buildbot. In such 
situations debugging on buildhost helps.

> 4) We shouldnt expose the build tree as is public, it just causes
>    confusion like the .summary one.

Only results of builds should be provided.

> 5) Most builds should be incremental with maybe once a week/month a
> clean of tmp/ is done. With Holgers changes to PERSISTANT_CACHE we
> no longer lose git SRCREV increments.

I suggest doing few trees:

1. build from scratch (cleaned daily)
2. incremental build  (cleaned weekly)

This is how we do that in OpenedHand with Poky autobuilder. With buildbot 
software you can even see where it failed (with logs) and (re)start 
builds when needed (automatically or by hand). Buildbot can be notified 
from SCM when change happened so it will update and start incremental 

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