April Software Update Branch

Julian julian_chu at openmoko.com
Wed May 14 20:26:26 CEST 2008

Graeme Gregory 提到:
> Hi, I am summarising the outcome of todays discussion within the distro
> team.
> We have come to conclusion that for ASU to release in reasonable time
> with required features that from now until release it should be
> developed on the org.openmoko.april-update branch.

Hi All,

1) We won't have Qtopia-x11-image and Freerunner image at 5/15 on time.

After our decision. I had just make the auto-builder (in Taipei Office) to
build the image from org.openmoko.april-update.

Unfortunately, it takes times and I think it cannot finish before Openmoko
breakfast. (Daily Build process at AM 8:00 UTC+8 )

Therefore, I stop the next breakfast. (It doesn't effect the
We won't have image builded from org.openmoko.dev  on time.

2) Directory Structure on people.internal will change.

After I modify the build script on auto-builder. (Barbie, in Taipei Office)
When it(she?) finish build, it use "rsync" to synchronize local
to remote (people.internal) .

So far it sync the whole tmp directory. I think it waste time and disk
I modified the script to sync deploy directory only.

* I build the image from ASU-branch first. hopes everything will be fine.
* Barbie will NOT build latest package on time.(AM 8:00 UTC+8)
* the newest image will be placed in diffrenent URL, I will public it
after finish building.
* You still can download the package by old URL until I public new one.

Best Regards,

ps.so far it finished task 569 of 4829. I will take care of it, God
bless me.

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