Fundamental issues for the ASU

Holger Freyther zecke at
Fri May 16 16:25:47 CEST 2008


for the ASU I only have two bugs that worry me:

	- Xglamo eating all of my CPU after a while (94% now). I will try to get a 
backtrace. Anyone with a spare cycle to look into this? This issue only comes 
after the device is on for a long time(in my case over 20 hours). And we 
already have a open bug for this. Anyone interested in fixing it?

	The backtace looks innocent:
		#0  0x401f88ac in gettimeofday () from /lib/
		#1  0x00014eb4 in GLAMOEngineWaitReal ()
		#2  0x00015270 in GLAMOFlushCMDQCache ()
		#3  0x00015e70 in GLAMOBlockHandler ()
		#4  0x0001f704 in BlockHandler ()
		#5  0x000ec274 in WaitForSomething ()
		#6  0x00038a2c in Dispatch ()
		#7  0x00022c60 in main ()
		#8  0x401909fc in __libc_start_main () from /lib/
		#9  0x00012614 in _start ()

	- modem resume. The modem is waking up the host but no data is actually 
transferred on the serial. This might be a bug in the modem or the infamous 
flow control issue (first mentioned by Uli Luckas in 2005, and we at Openmoko 
have it as well, reported and investigated by mwester).

	I will investigate after fixing some kernel suspend/resume issues and file a 
bug and try to reach sean? Or who could help me finding out what the modem is 

the remaining issues not scaring me:
	- kernel suspend/resume
	- Qtopia/Illume bugs
	- Finding out if our touchscreen controller is really that "bad"


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