Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (12)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Wed May 28 09:30:37 CEST 2008


another week passed and it is time for another update. I think the ASU images 
start to look more polished... there are still things to do.

ASU general:
	- We have a (public) feature spec for the ASU and we will use that to judge 
when we are done.
	- We have a branch policy
	- good 

	- some bugfixes
	- fixed a bug with my "painting" changes (spinbox of the clock)
	- Made Qtopia and the system/e agree on the timezone. Changed Qtopia to read 
and write /etc/timezone.
	- Fixed our fdo .desktop files (categories), fixed the icons..., moved some 
apps to settings
	- Modified some SVG to create a icon for dialer and active calls
	- Made Qtopia apps quit when illume is closing our window.
	- Stop guessing when a call might be missed (by not starting a timer) and 
rely on %CPI. Seems to work properly.
	- Our modem woke us up with CREG usc's. Bite the sour apple and disable CREG 
usc's when suspended completely, this has the possibility of eventually 
breaking with manual call operator selection and losing the network when in 
suspend... but currently the modem is telling us that we are registered with 
our home network when we are already registered...

	- Created the branches according to the policy
	- Upgrade of the usual suspects... e-wm installs a applications.menu that 
will not show apps with System AND Settings..
	- the kernel recipe will create a kernel that should be usable on gta01 AND 
gta02 (again) by using defconfig-2.6.24 to hide some resume issues.
	- changes/addition of the ninja theme
	- timezone packages will install a default /etc/localtime and /etc/timezone.

Plans (repeated from last week, with some items removed):
        - Work on the resume issue
        - Review the used AT commands for missing encoding/decoding...
	- Qtopia bugfixes and reporting... (SMS handling in qtmail has a serve 
        - Look at the touchscreen driver and see if we can get better data.
        - Kill the mediaserver to reduce latency and quality when playing 
ringtones and alerts. (we might use oeventd for that)
        - Work on the other ASU stuff.

questions and comments welcome

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