Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Mon Aug 4 19:44:27 CEST 2008

Hi all,

New thing appeared on the linked Networking page and also on the FR page.


It looks like a TOC, but it is not a TOC and whatever it is, I seriously
doubt that the content is well selected* and whether the content could
be better selected. I thought the same about the
green-bordered-toc-like-templates, I wanted to advice to remove them

Hm, those are gone, probably because the style was changed to this
unreadable color (trying to make it readable by BOLD, which is also a
false illusion IMHO. :-) )

Ehm, another one:


Hmm... clicking 2007.2 in the dark box leads to another page with
another mini-menu.

I do not think that adding ANOTHER LEVEL OF NAVIGATION would help in any
way. :-( We are trying to clean up the structure, to make the existing
navigations meaningful and easy usable. Maybe we could instead create
"See also" sections at the bottom if needed.

Any opinions? I may be wrong, but I seriously disagree with adding
another navigation box to pages, which link to random pages. Sorry for
the somewhat strong critics.

Best regards,

* is gta01 vs gta02 really one of the top 5 issues an FR reader would be
interested in? I don't think so.

ps: I wikimail the creator, I am not sure he/she is here on this list.

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