Netoworking page?

Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Aug 4 20:11:47 CEST 2008


Michael Shiloh írta, 2008-08-04 19:23 keltezéssel:
>> Perhaps we should have a "Networking" page that links to those pages?
>> What you you think?
> You could also use the networking "category". I've been trying to see if 
> the "categories" is useful. I'm not so sure, because it requires that 
> the author correctly categorize their page, and if they spell it 
> differently it misses it. Worse if their native tongue isn't english and 
> they use a different word all together.
> If search worked well then category should be unnecessary.
> I'm not sure yet whether the "category" is useful.
> Thoughts?

Actually Networking category already exists, so I'll add these few to
it. Unfortunately the Networking category is already in 3 others:

Technical | Hardware | Applications

Hm, I think besides a few theoretical articles everything are technical,
don't you think? (Another category which could be removed with the other
general ones?)

Yes, it would require that author categorizes the page correctly, but
otherwise there is no good chance that users find it, so authors should
think twice to do it. Additionally, we can also do it when a page is
wrong. It's easier to move it than explaining USB network setup! :)

If they spell it wrong, it will be red, and we will fix it.

Tranlsations: I think NOBODY should translate category names. Because
that makes it ANOTHER category, and then the same page is in different
categories -> Impossible to find.

How will a non-English guy navigate then? With English-only categories?
Well, I don't know yet, thinking... :-)

Do you guys think we should focus on already raised issues and close
them one by one, or at least document a decision in Wiki_Issues? I kept
85 mails in this folder, most of them contains some TODO or needs reply!
:-( How many you have? :-)


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