Netoworking page?

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Aug 4 20:36:32 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> Hi,
> Michael Shiloh írta, 2008-08-04 19:23 keltezéssel:
>>> Perhaps we should have a "Networking" page that links to those pages?
>>> What you you think?
>> You could also use the networking "category". I've been trying to see if 
>> the "categories" is useful. I'm not so sure, because it requires that 
>> the author correctly categorize their page, and if they spell it 
>> differently it misses it. Worse if their native tongue isn't english and 
>> they use a different word all together.
>> If search worked well then category should be unnecessary.
>> I'm not sure yet whether the "category" is useful.
>> Thoughts?
> Actually Networking category already exists, so I'll add these few to
> it. Unfortunately the Networking category is already in 3 others:
> Technical | Hardware | Applications
> Hm, I think besides a few theoretical articles everything are technical,
> don't you think? (Another category which could be removed with the other
> general ones?)


> Yes, it would require that author categorizes the page correctly, but
> otherwise there is no good chance that users find it, so authors should
> think twice to do it. Additionally, we can also do it when a page is
> wrong. It's easier to move it than explaining USB network setup! :)
> If they spell it wrong, it will be red, and we will fix it.

With all due respect, since I'm not actually doing this work, I think 
fixing things like this is the kind of tasks I hope you guys are willing 
to do.

> Tranlsations: I think NOBODY should translate category names. Because
> that makes it ANOTHER category, and then the same page is in different
> categories -> Impossible to find.

I agree.

> How will a non-English guy navigate then? With English-only categories?
> Well, I don't know yet, thinking... :-)

Perhaps we can think of categories like source code. Anyone working in 
this field will have some knowledge of English, and it is with that 
understanding that we require English-only categories.

Just my opinion.

> Do you guys think we should focus on already raised issues and close
> them one by one, or at least document a decision in Wiki_Issues? 

Speaking for Openmoko, and not as one actually doing this work, I would 
say whatever makes it easiest for you. If anyone outside complains, I 
would support your decision to make it easier for you to contribute.


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