correct name for the software stacks

Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Tue Aug 5 00:24:22 CEST 2008

Currently there is some inconsistency in the naming of the software
stacks of 2007.2 and 2008.8. Looking through the wiki I found the
following names:

OM2007.2, OM 2007.2, Openmoko2007.2, Openmoko 2007.2  for the 2007.2 stack
ASU, Om2008.8, OM2008.8, Om 2008.8   for the 2008.8 stack

While the Categories for the software stacks are named "OM2007.2" and
"OM2008.8", the pages about the distributions are named
"Openmoko2007.2" and "Om2008.8".

Does anyone know what the official names are (if there are any) so we
can use them for consistency?

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