Translations and their categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Aug 21 23:24:36 CEST 2008


Alasal írta, 2008-08-21 02:35 keltezéssel:
>>>> Hm, I think Dolfje already started this change.
>> And now I'm done ;)
>> Categories introduced in the century of languages

Are you Dolfje? I am really happy to see "this" active editor on the 
documentation list. This will help working together. :-)

> Okay, I have overlooked a couple (euhm half of the wiki), but that's also
> done now.

Wow, very good job, I checked the new categories. Thank you! You also 
created the category pages with language switch, great.

> Conclusion:
> - the wiki has a lot of categories

Yes, some of them are to be removed sooner or later. I am not sure we 
agreed on that. E.g. "Information", "Openmoko", "Documentation", because 
(almost) EVERYTHING fits in these. (And everybody puts everything in these.)

All we need is to check every article and set correct categories for 
them. If we can decide... :-)

We could also clean up which category is in which ones and LIMIT this to 
the best minimum. E.g. why "Category:GPS" is in "Category:Guides"? Does 
not make any sense to me. (Unfortunately the category tree browser does 
not work for me, so I can't really see all relations yet.)

> - I've spammed the 'recent changes' list

That's just good for all of us! :-)


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