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Thu Aug 21 23:57:29 CEST 2008

Yes, I'm Dolfje. The active editor that deletes much of the information of
the wiki. Just kidding. (Not the I'm Dolfje part)

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> All we need is to check every article and set correct categories for 
> them. If we can decide... :-)
You let it sound as something easy :p, but I agree. We need a huge category

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> We could also clean up which category is in which ones and LIMIT this to 
> the best minimum. E.g. why "Category:GPS" is in "Category:Guides"? Does 
> not make any sense to me. (Unfortunately the category tree browser does 
> not work for me, so I can't really see all relations yet.)
Yeah, Their is a need for a huge category cleanup.

GTA02 Hardware -> Neo FreeRunner Hardware
Profile -> Profiles
Protocol -> Protocols
Server -> Profiles (merging)
Test -> Test cases or Test plan or ...
System_Developers -> System Software
Application Developer -> Applications
200805 Software Test -> Test reports

Openmoko (Duh, everything on the wiki is Openmoko related)
Power (There is only on page with that category)
Power button (There are 2 page, but FreeRunner LED signals hasn't to do with
Power button)
Purchase (or try to rename it)
Standard ([[DECT]] is the only standard and the page is almost empty)
Training (Only one page)

I think we can use a category renaming robot ;)

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