Suggested CSS fixes

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Aug 28 23:44:48 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-08-28 01:05 keltezéssel:
> Here is to Ferenc:
>    Started from your main_green
>    Reduced margins to 1em instead of two

Cool, even 2 line menus fit in 1 line now!

>    Uses -moz-border-radius for round tabs

Hehe, I didn't know it's that easy.

>    Put back intersites nav (as text)
>    Moved action tabs 1/10 em up

Will we get this installed by Openmoko? Michael, Brenda? We can play 
more with other green colors if needed. (It's very difficult to find 2 
green link colors (visited, normal must be different, visited must "look 
used".). We need feedback. Is this wanted at all?

About the main cross-site menu: I always use that to access Lists and 
Planet, I don't even know their real URL (why would I or anybody). 
(Note, it is not clickable with your CSS on FF3/Linux. div class="pBody" 
overlaps it I think. div id="p-personal" too.) (May be a problem of my 
local saved HTML too.))

I've uploaded the test HTML here, because Minh's JPG was ...... .. well 
compressed! :)

Regarding the current CSS:

Somehow this line in #content needs 1.8em minimum for me to view the 
editor navigation tabs text:

	margin-top:  1.5em;          /* Space for the actions menu */

With 1.5em it looks like the screenshot I sent yesterday:

I use FF3/Linux, I have a minimum font size set, that's true, but see 
screenshot, it's not huge, is it?


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