organizing manuals on the wiki

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sat Aug 8 11:35:10 CEST 2009

>> I finished the first phase of restructuring for the manuals on Neo
>> 1973, Neo FreeRunner, Om 2007.2 and Om 2008. The new manuals are
>> available at
>> The next question is: how do we link to these manuals? I'd propose to
>> replace the "Getting Started" link in the navigation box which is
>> linking to the obsolete page "Getting started with your Neo
>> FreeRunner" - I think we should replace that link with a link to
>> "Manuals" - Is that okay?
>No replies again ... It's getting a little boring on this list! :-)
>As nobody is opposing I think this can be changed as I suggested. Can
>one of the sysops (Brenda?) change this? (Replacing "Getting Started"
>link on the left with a link to "Manuals"?)

afaik very few people has stayed onboard of openmoko, there should be
list of people who still do have access to change things if needed.
Brenda is gone and i don't see a difference of her having the access or
Marko having it... what can we do to change this? get a list of people
and extend it somehow?


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