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Michael Lauer mickey at
Thu Nov 23 17:45:03 CET 2006

>> Btw., the MokoToolBox in your screenshot looks not quite right (it's too small),
>> are you sure you set it as in the openmoko-paned-demo?

> Yeah, I hadn't packed it using the moko_paned_window function (corrected
> as in the screenshot attached).

Cool, thanks.

> I also have the search feature working,
> but was wondering if the search should be cancelled if the search entry
> is hidden (see screenshot again).

Absolutely. Please also note though, that the last search results
should be saved for later redisplay by choosing the (then avaible) new
group "Search Results" in the Filter Menu.

> I was also wondering if you were planning on making a custom open moko
> status bar, as in the mockups?

Yes, however this won't be part of the application. The "Footer"
will be a seperate application featuring a dbus interface to update the
status. For now please assume that there is an API similar to a GtkStatusBar*, i.e.:

guint moko_application_statusbar_push( MokoApplication*, guint context_id, const gchar* text );
void moko_application_statusbar_pop( MokoApplication*, const gchar* text );


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