picoGUI on Neo

Mikael Lammentausta mikael.lammentausta at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 06:05:33 CET 2007

I just discovered this nice little project that has an alternative approach
for GUI client-server approach:  http://picogui.org/Wiki/FAQ.html

This software is used on, for example, some commercial linux-based PVR
devices. This is actually how I found the project, as I started to look
around what kind of software is used on the award-winning Maximum box has
(in Europe). The same architecture seems to be also used on Elanvision +
possibly others in Asia/US.

It would probably be much more suitable for Neo's limited resources than the
X architecture, although compatibility and code reuse will probably severely
limit the available software. :(

Usability-wise, the PVR GUI is quite good. The EPG is very intuitive. This
would seem very fit for specialized applications, like the dialer and the
calendar on Neo.

Has anyone give it some thought or even built an ipkg? My experience on Neo
thus far is just limited to flashing the pre-built images to the device. :)

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