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Thomas Wood thomas at
Fri May 18 18:08:53 CEST 2007

On 05/18/2007 10:04 AM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>> Please could you take a look at bug 548 which provides a patch to
>> settings-daemon and a new schema file so that the correct defaults are
>> installed into gconf. This will set the correct gtk and icon theme so 
>> that we no longer need the hard coded setting in /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc 
>> (currently installed by openmoko-theme-standard). We also need to start
>> making sure applications are using the moko stock icons where appropriate.
> Agreed. I have applied the attachement for 548.

Could you check the schemas are being applied correctly? I don't appear 
to have any entries for /desktop/openmoko when I check on the device. 
This is important because it sets the default value for the gtk and icon 
themes. Without the correct icon theme, many of the icons will not 
appear correctly.

I have also created a very small patch to gtk+ which switches the 
scaling method in the pixmap engine from bilinear to nearest. I believe 
this results in a modest speed increase, but unfortunately I don't have 
nay comparison available. This patch needs to be added to the gtk+ package.

--- gtk+/modules/engines/pixbuf/pixbuf-render.c      (revision 13621)
+++ gtk+/modules/engines/pixbuf/pixbuf-render.c      (working copy)
@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@
                         0, 0, rect.width, rect.height,
                         dest_x - rect.x, dest_y - rect.y,-
                         x_scale, y_scale,
-                       GDK_INTERP_BILINEAR);
+                       GDK_INTERP_NEAREST);

        g_object_unref (partial_src);

We also have a problem with the dialer in that it crashes when a call is 
accepted. I've traced this problem to moko-finger-tool-box, but it seems 
there must be a bigger problem here because it would appear it is not 
picking up one of the theme pixmaps correctly.



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