Marcin Juszkiewicz openmoko at
Tue May 29 17:51:01 CEST 2007

Dnia wtorek, 29 maja 2007, Thomas Wood napisał:

> Can we replace matchbox-desktop with openmoko-today so that it gets
> some testing by users and developers? Currently it simply needs to be
> started with the --desktop option to enable it to act as a "desktop"
> window correctly. We could modify this so that the default behaviour is
> to act as desktop if you prefer.

I started openmoko-today in desktop mode on my Bv4 (instead of 
matchbox-desktop 2 which I had there). My first opinion:

- background color does not match UI scheme
- lack of icons on buttons
- unknown area with "0/0" text and strange gradient background
- misses calls/unread messages text is hardcoded (can ignore that fact)

I suggest changing text "missed calls" to list of missed calls rather. And 
generally I hope that one day user will be able to select 
dateformat.. "Thu 01/Jan/1970" is not my favorite one..

For me best desktop now is matchbox-desktop 2 - but this one is unreleased 
yet so only SVN builds are possible.

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