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Tue May 29 18:10:27 CEST 2007

On 29/05/07 16:51, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> Dnia wtorek, 29 maja 2007, Thomas Wood napisał:
>> Can we replace matchbox-desktop with openmoko-today so that it gets
>> some testing by users and developers? Currently it simply needs to be
>> started with the --desktop option to enable it to act as a "desktop"
>> window correctly. We could modify this so that the default behaviour is
>> to act as desktop if you prefer.
> I started openmoko-today in desktop mode on my Bv4 (instead of 
> matchbox-desktop 2 which I had there). My first opinion:

Hi Marcin, thanks for testing!

> - background color does not match UI scheme

The background is the same as shown in the mockups:

> - lack of icons on buttons

Sounds like you have an old build image (no icon theme available). If 
you have a new image then it might mean the icon theme schema isn't 
being set correctly, but I believe Mickey already did this.

> - unknown area with "0/0" text and strange gradient background

Again, take a look at the mockup. This area will contain items about 
upcoming events. If you haven't got any events in your calendar then 
obviously there will be nothing. Perhaps we should show a "No Upcoming 
Events" notice?

> - misses calls/unread messages text is hardcoded (can ignore that fact)

Missed calls we can now fix, however sms messages are not implemented in 
gsmd yet, so we can't fix that.

> I suggest changing text "missed calls" to list of missed calls rather. And 
> generally I hope that one day user will be able to select 
> dateformat.. "Thu 01/Jan/1970" is not my favorite one..

Yes, we can add options such as date format and background pictures later.

> For me best desktop now is matchbox-desktop 2 - but this one is unreleased 
> yet so only SVN builds are possible.

matchbox-desktop 2 might be a good alternative to the current 
openmoko-applications program.



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