Marcin Juszkiewicz openmoko at
Tue May 29 22:06:45 CEST 2007

Dnia wtorek, 29 maja 2007, Thomas Wood napisał:
> On 29/05/07 16:51, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:

> > - background color does not match UI scheme
> The background is the same as shown in the mockups:

OK then, but it looks like randomly chosen color ;(

> > - lack of icons on buttons
> Sounds like you have an old build image (no icon theme available). If
> you have a new image then it might mean the icon theme schema isn't
> being set correctly, but I believe Mickey already did this.

root at fic-gta01:~$ ipkg list_installed|grep theme
matchbox-config-gtk - 0.0+svn20060612-r0 - Matchbox gtk theme 
openmoko-icon-theme-standard - 0.0+svnnow-r0_2064 - Standard Gtk+ icon 
openmoko-theme-standard - 0.0+svnnow-r5_2088 - Standard Gtk+ theme for 
xcursor-transparent-theme - 0.1.1-r1 - Transparent xcursor theme for 

Maybe not the latest - I am doing openmoko incremental builds from time to 
time and update my Bv4 with it (with mokomakefile as base but use bitbake 
by hand: bitbake openmoko-devel-image is usually used my me and phone use 
resulted feeds)

> > - unknown area with "0/0" text and strange gradient background
> Again, take a look at the mockup. This area will contain items about
> upcoming events. If you haven't got any events in your calendar then
> obviously there will be nothing. Perhaps we should show a "No Upcoming
> Events" notice?

Would be nice. Mockups looks like someone created it without thinking 
about high DPI screen ;(

> > - misses calls/unread messages text is hardcoded (can ignore that
> > fact)
> Missed calls we can now fix, however sms messages are not implemented
> in gsmd yet, so we can't fix that.

I know - just wanted to notice.

> > I suggest changing text "missed calls" to list of missed calls
> > rather. And generally I hope that one day user will be able to select
> > dateformat.. "Thu 01/Jan/1970" is not my favorite one..
> Yes, we can add options such as date format and background pictures
> later.


> > For me best desktop now is matchbox-desktop 2 - but this one is
> > unreleased yet so only SVN builds are possible.
> matchbox-desktop 2 might be a good alternative to the current
> openmoko-applications program.

+1 from me

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