GSM modem documentation

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Mon Jul 16 04:04:48 CEST 2007

Harald Welte wrote:
>    Please show me one.   I carefully reviewed the calypso before we
>    accepted it for the Neo1973.  The main criteria for selecting it (and
>    not some other chipset) was that it is _extremely_ good following the
>    official GSM specs and that there is no proprietary/NDA documentation
>    required.  Very unlike other vendors that we investigated (such as wavecom)
>    which have their own proprietary multiplex (instead of 07.10) and the
>    like

A lot of modem vendors have GSM + proprietary extensions. So even if the 
GSM specs are published and open, (we have found) there is usually some 
functionality hidden by NDA's.

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