About GSM/Wifi handover

Sébastien Lorquet squalyl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 19:23:00 CEST 2007


Well, your explanations are quite clear!
You are confirming what I suspected: this functionality is closely linked to
inner levels inside GSM stack's software.

I thank you very much for the time you have taken to help.

Don't loose too much time investigating 07.07, there are a lot of problems
to overcome, and only one of them will totally block us, even if solutions
are found for all others.

Now we are sure that this thing is not possible, a miracle would be needed
to solve at least 2 problems:

-access to SIM security algorithms (needed to compute IPSec authentication
-access to Location update messages to inform MSC that network-incoming
calls should be directed to Generic network instead of GSM base stations

I did not investigate everything at this moment, but I'm sure there will be
other problems.

This system is simply not enough open to reach OpenMoko's "openness" :)

SIP based VoIP will be better even if it does not allow handover without
cutting the voice stream :)

(but if TI decides to make miracles, please let me know :) )

Sébastien LORQUET - 이세영 (李世榮)
Ingénieur ENSPG 2006 / ENSIMAG-ASI 2007
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