GSM Modem Confusion

Joachim Steiger roh at
Sat Jul 28 09:31:22 CEST 2007

Wally Ritchie wrote:
> Do you really mean you want to exclude say a windows-only user from
> sending a FAX through your device. Do you really mean you don't want
> to tap into KU250 in your other pocket? Do you want to cut off xyz's corp's
> win2000 laptops from GPRS?

what is please hindering xyz to just configure his corps gprs access
data on the moko and using his notebook via ip connection? no need to
break your legs twice by using ppp and some broken proprietary serial
ip via wifi (gta02) or ip via bluetooth (pan/bnep) is totally system
interoperable. even rndis/usbnet is designed to be working with all
operating systems. so you do not have an argument there.

fax is indeed an interesting question. are there any real
fax-_standards_ which are usable in a not serial-port-emulation world
but via ip? (and please spare me the 'tapi/capi' cry)

besides that you will also have the possibility to 'just pass through'
the gsm modem to something like usb-serial via config work/some small
daemon. remember. its a free phone. you just can add all the features
you are missing.

> Do you really think there is not demand for these, especially MMS. Do you
> think there is some factor out there is going to cause $0.01/kilobyte pricing
> to disappear from every market in the world? It's about mobility and ubiquity!
did you seriously ever use mms? and when yes for what? i've owned
multiple phones and are in a very technical affine work and friend-space
and really cannot find any use-case besides 'kids using this because of
carrier advertisement'
what can an mms really do besides waste your money?
especially what can it do what a email or sms cannot do?

sms is pretty prominent here in europe, also when i personally rather
call than write one. pricing there is not much different than a short
call (when not even cheaper, depending on the deal)
but compared to mms it gets used and has a use-case (still works when
voice-calls cannot get through any more due to network load)

> Unfortunately, the world is filled with legacies and trying to escape from them
> leaves you vulnerable to competition that does the same thing as you, maybe
> not as good as you, but deals better with the real world legacies. Earliest does
> not usually win. Best does not usually win. Early Enough Good Enough usually
> wins.
yep. the world is filled with legacys which stand in the way of any
but just because everybody shoots his customer into the right foot i see
no reason to do so also, just because out of business-legacy.
on the contrary it is much more interesting to find new ways of doing
stuff, ignoring concepts which are born out of 25years of bit rot and
management doing technical decisions out of political reasons.

to competition: which one? there is exactly no other company out there
which has a real opensource phone. if there is: show me. seriously.
our source is out already and will be still there if were gone.
thats what opensource is about. freedom. the feature that i do NOT have
to trust the developer at all. the possibility for 3rd party companys to
build other products upon it, without being restrained by a
damokles-sword of vendor existence and continued support.

ps: nobody will hinder you implementing mms, wap, wml and all the stuff
carriers love because they have no usecase besides generating airtime.
but you will not get us ignoring the important work and wasting time on
such useless stuff.

kind regards


Joachim Steiger

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