Patch mountain

Alex Osborne bobofdoom at
Sun Jul 29 16:38:17 CEST 2007


I discovered when getting setup with this project that it's a bit 
cumbersome to apply the stack of patches from Bugzilla and the list to 
catch up with development.  So until Harald Welte is less busy and has 
some time to review all these patches, to save others the work of 
applying them all I've made the git repository I'm tracking gsmd SVN 
with public. Currently it has on top most of Phillip Zabel's patches 
from June, Andzej Zaborowski's SMS patches from Bugzilla and of course 
my couple that add palmt650/BCM2132 support.

You can clone the tree with:

There's also a gitweb interface here:;a=summary

I've given Andzej push access to it as well, so I guess we'll just keep 
applying the more useful things that come in. Once SVN starts to catch 
up I'll probably take it down as this isn't supposed to be a fork, just 
a shortcut to the top of the mountain. ;-)



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