gsmd/libgsm suckage (was Re: gsmd/libgsm architecture)

Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Sun Jul 29 18:58:36 CEST 2007

Le samedi 28 juillet 2007 à 12:13 +0800, Harald Welte a écrit :
> Hi Koen!

> So yes, everything sucks.  Our current hardware sucks still quite a bit,
> but works.  Our current bootloader/kernel works reasonably well.  Our
> GSM infrastructure sucks big time, and if you look at the UI, then,
> until recently it also sucked quite significantl

I really enjoy reading such engineering summaries... Certainly because I
am a perfectionist engineer too...
Don't forget to detail the areas where you think other eyes could look
at to try contribute (or at least to confirm the diagnostic ;-).

> But on average, I don't really think that gsmd sucks more than the
> average level of openmoko suckage.  If there is no progress soon, it
> will be below average.  I'll try to keep it at least on average level.
> And with some hope, '4' is an option within the next four weeks.

Personnally, I am not sure either that a pretty high level interface
like dbus would be appropriate for gsmd. (At least directly, it makes
much more sense to me as another additional layer.) Sure, we should not
lock ourselves to the socket interface but well, as gsmd source code is
available, we certainly are not...


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