can't find GSMD sources

Abhijit Bhopatkar bainonline at
Mon Mar 19 13:36:35 CET 2007

Dear All,

I have some experience in creating gsm at commands based stack to  
talk to gsm modems, and wanted to add sms functionality to the gsmd.  
As currently available opensource stacks are either not in the shape  
i need (they are c++ of java) _and_ are too immature i thought gsmd  
would be a good investment of my free time.

As i understand gsmd is in its infancy so is an ideal candidate for  
me. Also from the discussions so far/wiki i can see its fit for my  
needs in terms of it being 1) open source, 2) moduler, 3) with code  
in plain 'c' and 4) designed for embedded usage.

Unfortunately  i am at this point not in a shape timewise to  
contribute fully to openmoko project (apart from not having Neo  
phone). So i would much like to get just the gsmd sources.

But i completely failed to find a project for gsmd on gforge or at  
any other location.(both gforge and google couldn't point me to the  
Is there a separate gsmd source tarball i can download?

I will hate (meaning as lazy as i am mostly won't atleast in near  
future) to download entire open embedded project just for the sake of  

Otherwise can somebody mail me a tarball of the source please?

Thanks and best regards,


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