[RFC] TI Calypso / HTC firmware support

Harald Welte laforge at openmoko.org
Wed Mar 28 13:51:22 CEST 2007

On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 06:16:43PM +0200, Philipp Zabel wrote:
> I wrote a line discipline for the simple multiplexing protocol that is
> used by TI Calypso + HTC firmware phones like the HTC Blueangel,
> Magician and Wallaby.  Thus it is possible to write AT commands
> directly to the UART if the N_TIHTC line discipline is set, and it is
> possible to run an unmodified gsmd on those devices.


> Question: Is it in the scope of gsmd to set the line discipline in the
> vendor plugin if needed, or should this be put in a separate machine
> specific daemon, outside of gsmd? As I understand the line discipline on
> a tty is reset to N_TTY as soon as the device file is closed.

It is well within the scope of gsmd.  

I am still working on the multiplexing line discipline code for TS07.10.
ACtually, what I have in mind is even more general.  the HTC and
motorola  multiplex would just be a plugin to this generic GSM multiplex

At that point, the interface for gsmd becomes completely transparent,
i.e. it just uses the N_GSM line discipline and the rest is handled by
the kernel, depending on which particular hardware is in use.

> Further, the HTC firmware has a slightly different (smaller) featureset
> than what is found on the Neo1973. Does that warrant another vendor
> (plugin, as soon as that is possible), or should I look into extending
> vendor_ti? The attached patch is what I use on the magician currently. I
> just removed the unsupported commands and changed %CSQ to %HTCCSQ
> parsing so far, but I think there is some more initial configuration to
> do.

I guess it boils down on how big those differences are.  As indicated
before, I want to have chipset and machine plugins, plus the ability to
specify init strings from the config files.

One interesting question is auto-detection.  Is there any sensible
response to manufacturer/model/serial number/... inquiry comands on your
HTC machines?
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