Fax modem?

stromer stromer.allianz stromer.allianz at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 23:24:33 CET 2007

>Is there any chance of getting fax modem capabilities out of a Moko device?
>Is fax modem support out of the question for Moko/Neo devices too?
>Thanks in advance,

I am too interested for the possibility to send and recieve Fax Files
with the NEO
I have allready asked this in the NEO Mailing list.


>From my side of view only the main hardware developers like Laforge or
Mike can answer this question at the best.

My latest information at the moment for this unanswered Question are
that NEO must support at least the following

"GSM-Standard 07.xx"
"mobile originated" for sending data fax files over gsm
"mobile terminated" for distinguish between incomming data calls or
voice calls and so on..
"mobile terminated" need the support of "Multinumbering"

"Interworking Function" makes it possible to send and recieve Fax Files over GSM


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