Further fixes and TI Calypso Engineering Mode

Tick tick at openmoko.com
Mon Nov 12 10:54:39 CET 2007

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Hi Andrew,
   Thanks for your patches, and I have commit some of them into SVN.
There are many great things for example you refactorying uart things
to the uart.c. (However I did not refactorying them in these commit
for some compatible reason, but I will :-) )
   I had modify your git version
2348a36aab65548915c098866ce6584d564d9a47  and
56535ca5e8d1798232c33fee5b377b2cbd2cda49 to make them suit for current
SVN, some codes are merged and seperating them into many small
patches to each small issue.
Some code are not checked in for it's not work for me.

One thing not work for me is:  In your set_baudrate
I don't know why you set:
ti.c_cflag &= CSTOPB | CSIZE | PARENB;
ti.c_cflag |= CS8 | CREAD;

This does not work for me and I had removed them.

andrzej zaborowski 提到:
> Hi,
>   I committed some fixes that may be useful, to the git tree at
> http://folks.o-hand.com/andrew/gsmd.git to account for some issues
> found by Thomas Wood when hacking openmoko-dialer2:
> id 56535ca5e8d1798232c33fee5b377b2cbd2cda49 adds keeping track of
> current registration state internally in gsmd. Without this the
> "gsmd->dev_state.registered" variable had bogus values.
> id 2348a36aab65548915c098866ce6584d564d9a47 avoids reissuing the
> network initialisation commands (the ones that are issued after we
> successfully register) excessively everytime the registration state
> changes, for example when we merely moved to a different cell. Some
> unrelated miscellaneous fixes too
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