Authentication and key Agreement

Xie Xiaolei xie.xiaolei at
Tue Nov 27 14:49:26 CET 2007

Hello guys, I am doing a master thesis and experimenting a new AKA
(Authentication and Key Agreement) protocol on OpenMoko. Could you please
tell me which part of the gsmd code I should look at?

I understand that, according to the current 3GPP AKA protocol, the phone
will first request the IMSI or TMSI from the SIM and then ask the SIM to
produce the expected response after receiving a random number.

However, I find that the only text in the code that contains "IMSI" or

Any hint is appreciated. Thanks!

Xie Xiaolei
Address: Jämeräntaival 11 E 114, Otaniemi, 02150 Espoo, Finland
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