Authentication and key Agreement

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On Nov 27, 2007 8:49 AM, Xie Xiaolei <xie.xiaolei at> wrote:
> Hello guys, I am doing a master thesis and experimenting a new AKA
> (Authentication and Key Agreement) protocol on OpenMoko. Could you please
> tell me which part of the gsmd code I should look at?
> I understand that, according to the current 3GPP AKA protocol, the phone
> will first request the IMSI or TMSI from the SIM and then ask the SIM to
> produce the expected response after receiving a random number.
> However, I find that the only text in the code that contains "IMSI" or
> Any hint is appreciated. Thanks!
The AT+CSIM command which would allow this to be done is currently disabled
in the GSM Modem Firmware. You can only perform a restricted set of SIM
operations using the AT+CRSM command and these are limited to file access.

Authentication requires doing a RUN GSM ALGORITHM command which is not
presently accessible and is only done internally by the chipset.

This is supposedly for "security reasons" but personally, I don't see
any real security
issues here. In any case its not available.

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