gsmd and modem power on

Alexandre d'Alton alex at
Wed Oct 3 21:23:52 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I just though about something regarding the init sequence of gsmd. 

Currently, on cold start, my openmoko gsmd is not up and running fine
without killing xsession, restarting gsmd, and starting again xsession.
Or by adding a gsmd restart at the beginning of matchbox session file. 

As I really suspected that the power-on of the modem takes a bit of time
till it's ready to issue at commands, I moved the actual power on (echo
1 > ..../power_on) into a separate init file that I call really early in
the init stages. 

This trick allows the gsmd to be up and running each time I rebooted my
moko without any gsmd restart trick required.

what do you guy think about this approach ? 



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