gsmd and modem power on

Alexandre d'Alton alex at
Thu Oct 4 08:13:28 CEST 2007

> How recent is the image that you are running?  
Actually, just after I sent this mail, I realized that it's been at
least one week since a ipkg update & upgrade were not installing new
packets. By updating my build environment, I also realized that gsmd in
my phone were not up-to-date with the built one.
By forcing installation of this newly built gsmd, the problem
effectively disapeared without my hack.

> I agree completely with starting gsmd earlier in the boot, and in general
> with the concept of re-ordering and optimizing the boot sequence to reduce
> the (lengthy) startup time.  However, in my opinion, we should be able to
> start gsmd at any time, and it should be able to establish communications
> with the GSM modem.  
I agree.

> Mike (mwester)
Thanks for you comments and suggestion,


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