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Thu Oct 25 14:47:21 CEST 2007

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> Tick schreef:
> >  I'd want to accept the following patches:
> >     fix_read_msg_index.patch
> >     sms_decode_dcs.patch
> >     lgsm_send_simple-return-rc.patch
> >     handle_cms_cme_error.patch
> >     enableCPHS_retrieve_VM.patch
> Thanks for working on this!
> What about these patches:
> 0001-Introduce-ports.patch
> 0002-Flush-all-pending-commands-before-restarting-the-mod.patch
> 0003-Correctly-segment-incoming-usock-data-into-packets.patch
> 0004-Handle-read-and-write-return-values.patch
> the above 4 patches are applied in OE, and hence used on gta01 and gta02

Good catch.  IIRC, "lgsm_send_simple-return-rc.patch" fixes a problem not present unless patch "0004-Handle-read-and-write-return-values.patch" is also applied.  The ordering as it exists in OE is important (I can't speak to the git tree ordering issues).

[editorial comment: I'm happy that someone has now taken charge of this, as quicker application of patches (or rejection of them, for that matter) will minimize these integration difficulties.]

Mike (mwester)

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