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Sat Oct 27 04:18:53 CEST 2007

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Hi Jim,
   Great thank for your patches.
We will look into these patches and modify them if there are any
We may commit them to upstream after reviewing and testing, and on the
other hand we will response the reason if we don't commit.
For there are so many patches are pending (Sorry about that) ,  and we
are focusing  on the stability of gsmd now, it may take some time for
your patches to be committed.

Again, thanks for your patches, and with your patches we may make the
gsmd more complete.


Jim Rayner 提到:
> Hi
> Attached patch to enable applications to govern the acking of sms's
> If you are interested in storing all messages in your own messaging
>  store, removing your dependency on the size of the SIM then you
> may wish to use this patch.
> Acking informs the message service centre that the message has been
>  received. If the message is nak'd then the service centre will try
> a resend some period later (unless your stack is capable of sending
> a resume sending command - unsure if this exists in practice).
> Mileage may vary due to differences in implementation of the CNMA
> command between different stacks (for example the Siemens TC65
> appears to have a poor implementation, allowing only CNMA=0, to nak
> a message you have to allow the protocol stack timer to expire)
> Patch generated in comparison to version on openmoko svn 26th
> October
> Best regards, Jim

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