Message handlers not getting handled

Sudharshan S sudharsh at
Sat Oct 27 16:37:25 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I am using libgsmd in my code and am having a little problem (I do
understand the uber alpha status of the API..=).
The message handlers in my code are not getting called when some event (say,
getting the signal quality) occurs.

I have a test lgsm_register_handler() in the Py_MODINIT function (This is
where all the initialisation stuff happens in a python extension module) . I
have the corresponding message handler given in the lgsm_register_handler
defined as well
When I do a,

lgsm_signal_quality is getting called properly but the corresponding
message_handler is not getting called.

This is true for all the modules, lgsm_* stuff return a success and the
corresponding AT commands are sent (Voice out init, hangup, network
register, deregister works like a charm)

As far as i learnt from seeing the code from libgsmd-tool,
1.) We first register handlers usng the lgsm_register_handler according to
the messages like Network, Passthrough, SMS..etc
2.) We then define message handler functions
3.) These message handlers get called when some event happens
"successfully".....<-- emphasizing the successful part :)

Is this how stuff works? Or am i missing something.
Heres the code,

Sudharshan S
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