[patch] mux ldisc driver

Jim Rayner openmoko at jrayner.com
Tue Oct 30 13:24:58 CET 2007


Attached is a mux line discipline, based almost entirely on the Moto
ezx driver, see openezx.org, with Moto protocol extensions removed.

The patch has not been diffed against openmoko svn

Needless to say if accepted the driver needs to be rigorously tested etc

To try it out, unzip into a directory of your choosing and do the following

make clean
make modules_install
insmod ./ts0710_mux_ldisc.ko

In its current configuration you should be able to watch what it is
doing via dmesg

Any problems, bad programming, nasty crashes etc please let me know
and I will do my very best to help

Best regards,
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