Gsmd roadmap

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at
Wed Oct 31 22:09:03 CET 2007


On 30/10/2007, Koen Kooi <koen at> wrote:
> Could the gsmd team give a detailed roadmap on what they plan to do:
> * this week
> * this month
> * after that
> And also include a detailed timetable on when each outstanding patch is
> going to get reviewed.
> There hasn't been any new code committed for over a week, only patches
> and a tweak to a header file to work without svnversion and mickey fixed
>  up the So far it seems the 'focus on stability' seems to
> come down to 'sitting down and doing nothing'.
> When talking to people inside openmoko they swear that good work is
> being done and progress is being made, but nothing of that makes it to
> svn or the mailinglist. That is *bad* for a project that is being touted
> as 'open' and 'community'. The communication needs to improve or people
> will just give up on writing patches.

Well, the code is still under GPL, meaning that you can take it and
improve it and fix the bugs that you hit and make your code public,
rather than telling current maintainers what to do. In fact I think a
kindof fork would be very appropriate in this project so as to have a
community branch which would be 1. usable, 2. dynamic, i.e. accept
changes to code (for example by giving commit access to people who
write the code and understand it), 3. managed more like an opensource
project (so that it can take advantages of being opensource,
advantages which are blocked by the way gsmd is maintained for the
last months). And at the same time there would be the official
openmoko branch, conservative and where the current maintainers are
free to do what they like. Gsmd badly needs some big changes and they
apparently won't happen in the official version for the moment,
because there's no discussion going on, code that is committed is not
reviewed, while quality code that has been reviewed & tested is stuck
in queues. Even if there's a plan to include this code, it will take
longer than it would take to write a new, redesigned GSM daemon that
can be used in OpenMoko and in other distros.


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