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atul raut atul_raut17 at
Sat Apr 26 08:22:21 CEST 2008

 Hi Erin,

As Previously I discuss about the Error

"unable to handle packet type=2"

Again am facing the same problem.
You says you fixed this error but I think it is not yet
fixed I tested and I found this Error again.

Can you please fixed this Error.

Best Regards

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  Atul Raut
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hi atul,

Thanks a lot for your email to remind us this error. I just checked the gsmd code and found the 
possible reason. "unable to handle packet type=2" is for "GSMD_MSG_PASSTHROUGH". We marked 
this function "lgsm_get_packet" out in libgsmd.c, and i will commit it back soon.  Please try
to use the latest code. We really appreciate your helps and contributions for openmoko project..


atul raut wrote:
> Hi Erin,
> I tested some AT commands using my application "AT My Command"
> which internally uses gsmd.
> Previously it work fine but now when I update gsmd pathces
> its hangs the application while executing AT commands.
> And it gives me below error
> "unable to handle packet type=2"
> Why it so ?
> Is it gsmd problelm or any other else ?
> My Previous gsmd version is 0.0.1+3519
> and My latest gsmd version is  0.0.1+3612
> This gsmd patches I update both on host system and on
> target neo1973 device.
>         I would like to automate the AT command list to AMC project:
>         rdgs
>         atul
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